Team Intros: Meet Bridgette!


Thanks to Bridgette, the newest addition to our powerhouse Beauty Partnerships Team, our locks are looking a lot more luscious. The Duke University alum ran an underground hair salon from her dorm room, and lucky for us, she’s not shy about sharing her styling secrets. In addition to her salon days, Bridgette also developed a love of all things tech while working for renowned ad agency Ogilvy & Mather. Her new role at Birchbox, as Marketing & Merchandising Manager, brings together her two passions for tech innovation and beauty savvy. We couldn’t be happier to have her!

Name/Title: Bridgette, Marketing & Merchandising Manager, Beauty Partnerships

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Unofficial role: Chief Creator of Catchphrases/Tech Geek

Fun fact: When I was in middle school, I memorized the choreography to over 400 dance performances from a Venezuelan TV show called “El Club de Los Tigritos.”

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beauty bitch: It's a Miracle!


looking for a primer, sunscreen, lightweight coverage, pore minimizer and mattifier in one? Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 does this and more in one easy step.

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 is perfect for beauties on the go, our gaybies (yes we are talking to you gay husbands), and…

Product Reviews: May 2012 BirchBox


This is just a quick tell you what I got in my box. I will write more after I try everything. I will say that I am once again not happy. I have not put up my other boxes because I did not have a way to take pictures, but I have been getting them since Jan. This however will be my last…

My Skin-Perfecting Summer Savior


As an avid rock climber, I tend to come away from my weekly top-roping sessions with at least a few serious scrapes and bruises. These “lovemarks,” as we’ll call them, are awesome when I want to feel like a hardcore, super-strong, independent woman. They’re way less awesome when I’m attempting to look glowingly fabulous for a Saturday night out, or when I’m throwing on a pretty sundress for Sunday brunch. Old scars and black and blue spots aren’t exactly glamorous. But thankfully, I’ve discovered a go-to product that has become my skin savior for the summer months: Miracle Skin Transformer’s Body Enhancer.

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Sarah McNamara at the Charlotte Ronson Fashion Show for NYFW 2012

Sarah McNamara outside of the Charlotte Ronson Fashion Show!

Sarah McNamara outside of the Charlotte Ronson Fashion Show!